Fumigation for Bedbugs. What is it?

What is Fumigation for Bedbugs in Kansas City?


Fumigation for bedbugs in Kansas CityFumigation for bedbugs in Kansas City is the best number one way to 100% fully eliminate bedbugs from a home, moving truck or pod storage container. Fumigation is not the same as fogging. Fumigation for bedbugs is performed using Vikane gas (Sulfuryl Fluoride) or SO2F2. Foggers are an aerosol of a insecticide that are atomized in the air and are not effective against bedbugs. Fumigation or the use of Vikane gas has been around for over 50 year and has been 100% effective against its target pest 100% of the time. There is 50 years worth of data to prove that statement.

How is a house or storage pod fumigated?

A licensed fumigator from our company will come out to evaluate  your home to see if it is a candidate for fumigation for bedbugs in your Kansas City home. Once we have determined we can fumigate for bedbugs in your Kansas City home we will set up your fumigation for bedbug appointment. Your home does not need to be tarped. We can tape and seal around the windows of your home, your garage doors and your attic vents on top of your home as well as any other openings in the roof or attic.

We will measure the cubic feet of the structure (Width x Length x Height) We will use our special fumiguide to determine the amount of fumigant needed to kill the  bedbugs. We will also determine the amount of time required to kill bedbugs in your Kansas City home. We will then determine the correct level of Concentration and Time (C x T) required to kill all stages of bedbugs in your Kansas City home. C=Concentration and T=Time. Once we achieve the correct (C x T) level, all stages of bedbugs eggs, nymphs and adult bedbugs are dead. 100% complete control is achieved and you are living in a bedbug free home.

Do I need to wipe anything down after fumigation for bedbugs is complete?

bedbug fumigagion vikaneVikane ( sulfuryl fluoride) is a gas that does not stay on dry surfaces; therefore, there is no exposure from touching treated surfaces. There are no residues left behind when performing a Fumigation for bedbugs in Kansas City home. When you set off foggers though, you will need to wipe surfaces down, cover dishes, counters, and silverware.

 What are the safety precautions and Preparation for fumigating my home for bedbugs?

  • Discuss the treatment program in advance with our company to fully understand what will be done and what you need to do before a fumigation for bedbugs is performes.
  • Carefully follow the instructions that we give you about what items you are to remove from your home.
  • Stay out of the treated home until it is cleared by our company
  • We will need to clear the house to make sure levels of Vikane gas are removed to at least 1ppm or less before we will allow re-entry.
  • You may wish to increase ventilation by opening doors and windows

Fumigation for bedbugs in Kansas City


Fumigating your moving truck for bedbugs

Fumigating your moving truck or storage pod is also a great way to eliminate bedbugs from your belongings before you move to your new apartment or home. If you are moving from a home or an apartment that has bedbugs and you don’t want to take the bedbugs with you, no problem. We can fumigate your moving truck while it is loaded with your belonging and return it back to you bedbug free. This is a very in-expensive way to kill all bedbugs in your items. Many times we can fumigate a moving truck starting around $499.00 and going up from there depending on the size of the truck. Give us a call to find out more on fumigating your moving truck for bedbugs before your move them to your new place. Fumigation for bedbugs in Kansas City