Wall-Nesting Ants in Kansas City

Wall Nesting Ants in Kansas City

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Killing ants in Kansas City. At ZipZap Bed Bug Control KC, we are trained and certified to be the best solution to your pest problem in Kansas City. Our Board Certified Entomologist conducts training with our technicians and certified commercial applicators on a bi-weekly basis to train, mentor and support the growth of our company.

Ants in Kansas City is a big problem. Especially in the spring and summer times. Depending on the Winter we had the year before, and the amount of rain we get in the Spring will determine the pressure of ants your house will experience when it comes to ants. Being on a pest control program is the best way to keep ants from affecting your home. One time sprays may help with ants but will not correct the ant problem around your home. Routine treatments and monitoring to your home for pest, especially ants, is the best defense to keeping ants from taking up residence in your home.

Contact our office today to schedule your ant treatment, so those pesky little critters go away. We have many options available that will fit your pest control needs. Our trained technicians will evaluate your ant problem in your Kansas City home and prescribe the right solution to your particular ant control in Kansas City.

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Carpenter Ant nest can also be found in the ground outdoors. Nest are sometimes mistaken for Fire Ant Nest.

The size of the Odorous House Ant colonies range upward to 10,000 ants and could be as little as a couple of hundred ants in the colony.

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“Tramp Ants” are a name given to Pharaoh ants characterized by their transient nesting behavior.