Bed Bugs in Commercial Space

Bed Bugs In Commercial Space

Bed Bug Control KC

Bedbugs at work in Kansas City

Bedbugs at work in Kansas City are a more common occurrence than you might think. Bed bugs can be present anywhere you go, even at work. You are not escaping the dreaded bed bug. If you are a department store worker and deal with returned clothing, you can be affected. Remember, people who may have a bed bug problem can bring bed bugs back to you in returned items.

If you are a movie theater worker and bed bugs are present on the chairs. You can pick them up when you are cleaning the theater. Movie theaters are kind of like a bed. You sit down in a chair, the lights go down low, and you are there for a couple of hours. This is long enough time to be fed upon by bed bugs.

Being in a cab, Uber, or Lyft is also a great place to pick up bed bugs. These modes of transportation are filled with different people throughout the day. You never know who got in that vehical and if they had bed bugs or not. A public bus can also harbor bed bugs. Lots of people get on and off, on any particular day. There is a high probability that someone riding the bus has a bedbug on them or at least a bedbug egg. Remember, Bedbugs are the greatest hitch-hikers in the world.

Bed bugs are the greatest hitch-hikers around

Hotel workers are exposed to bed bug infestations all the time. Although hotels do everything they can to avoid problems with bed bugs, a problem will come up sooner or later. A hotel room will eventually get bed bugs, and before you know it, so will you. Giving your room a good look over with a good flashlight can help you find those hiding vampires. Just remember. A bedbug can be anywhere and everywhere. If you believe that, you are aware of the bedbug issues Kansas City faces, and you can help yourself avoid the bedbug epidemic we are experiencing.

Bed Bugs at the Office