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ZipZap is a bed bug company in Kansas City and employees a Board Certified Entomologist in Kansas City. Our Board Certified Entomologist refers to bed bugs in Kansas City as Hemiptera (hemi=half, ptera=wing). Most have piercing-sucking mouthparts. As a result, they are considered true bugs. Since the end of the ice age, we have also lived with bed bugs and lice and fleas in Kansas City. At that time, the men would go out to hunt. They would then bring their catch home. Since they used every bit of their catch, including the animal hide, it would be infested with lice and fleas.

Nit Picking or “nite-nite don’t let the bed bugs bite”

Think about some of the phrases we use today. “Nitpicking. “ Nitpicking was a social activity. They were removing nits (eggs of lice) from the hairs of others. Another phrase like, nite-nite, don’t let the bed bugs bite, were used. Parents used to tell their children that phrase before going to bed. Bed bugs and bat bugs are closely related. Humans and bats occupied caves together at one time. The bats occupied the caves with the humans, and the bed bugs were associated with the bats. Bat bugs in Kansas City are sometimes the culprit of an infestation and thought to be that of the human bed bug in Kansas City. There is a different treatment for bed bugs than there is with bat bugs. So identifying the right species is crucial.

Kansas City Bed bug development

Bed bugs develop through simple metamorphosis (no pupal stage), with 70⁰ being the favorable temperature. The female bed bug will lay around 200 eggs at the rate of three or four-bed bug eggs per day. The bed bug eggs will hatch between 6 to 17 days, and the newly hatched bed bug nymphs will begin to feed immediately. Each time the bed bugs would molt (instar), the bed bug requires a blood meal. After the fifth-bed bug molting, the bed bug reaches maturity, becoming an adult bed bug. The bed bug nymphs and adult bed bugs survive only on blood. They retrieve that blood from us by piercing the skin with their elongated beak. Bed bugs can crawl long distances in search of their preferred food source, humans.

Bed Bug Control KC
Size of Bed Bug
Bed Bug Control KC
Live bed bug

Names given to bed bugs and the evidence they leave behind

The bed bug in Kansas City has been given many names over the years. Wallpaper flounders, red coats, and wall louse. They are mahogany brown to reddish-brown in color. It is relatively small, 3/16 to 1/8 inch long, wide, oval, and has a 3 segmented beak and a 4 segmented antennae. The bed bug nymphs appear translucent or pale in color before feeding. The adult bed bugs retain full color and give off a distinctive “musty” smell emitted from a scent gland near their hind coxae. A rusty tarry residue is usually deposited in their hiding places of the bed bugs. This residue is the undigested part of their blood meal.

Do bed bugs transmit disease

Even though at least 27 human pathogens infect the common bed bug, it has never been proven to transmit any human pathogens at this time biologically. Bed bug bites can resemble that of a flea. However, flea bites tend to be around the ankle areas mainly. The bed bug bite usually appears on humans relatively quickly, but no evidence is detected in some cases. The bed bugs saliva contains proteins that can cause a sensitivity to bedbug bites.

Bed bug bites

The typical bedbug bite looks like a large oval or oblong inflamed spot or swelling. It is then followed by severe itching, which can last for several hours and is normally associated with inflammation. Humans bitten from bed bugs either show no reaction from the bed bug bite. They experience an immediate reaction to the bedbug bite. Or they have a delayed reaction to the bed bug bite. This all is depending on the intensity and frequency of the bedbugs feeding.

Is heating for bed bugs in Kansas City the best treatment method

Heating bedbugs in Kansas City to a thermal temperature of at least 125 degrees will kill bed bugs.  Keeping the thermal temperature for an extended amount of time will eradicate the bed bug populations, especially in your home, office, loft, apartment, hotel room, and multi-unit housing. Bedbug eggs, bedbug nymphs, and adult bed bugs will not survive the thermal heat treatment.  Our Board Certified Entomologist in Kansas City will provide you with the knowledge of bedbugs. The information you will need to eradicate bedbugs, Cimex Lectularius, the human bed bug from your home or business.

Questions about bed bugs

This website will guide you through the questions you may have with bedbugs in Kansas City, what to do with bed bugs in Kansas City. As a result, the pictures will show you what bedbugs in Kansas City are and what bedbug bites look like. You will have questions about bedbugs in Kansas City, and this website will answer those questions. If your questions do not get answered, there is an ask the Board Certified Entomologist in Kansas City section that you can go to. If there any suggestions you have with this bedbug website, please use the ask the Board Certified Entomologist and suggest things you would like added. Call today for your free bedbug quote. 

We are a certified bed bug free company in Kansas City

Certified bed bug-free company means that we have a Board Certified Entomologist in Kansas City on staff. A BCE is an expert in insects. Think of it as if you were going to a doctor, and you were having heart surgery. You have the option of choosing a heart surgeon or a Board Certified heart surgeon. Which one would you choose? The same applies here, who do you prefer. Most people would agree that you would prefer the company with a Board Certified Entomologist in Kansas City.

A certified bed bug-free company means you don’t have to search around and wonder if you choose the right company. With BCE distinction, you can check and see if your company has a Board Certified Entomologist in Kansas City check for yourself. Entomological Society of America.

Once you find out you have bed bugs, and you finally decide to hire a professional to take care of your bed bug problem in Kansas City.  You are looking to hire the best bedbug pest control company provider available in the Kansas City area. The more you know about bed bugs in Kansas City, the easier it will be to make that best bed bug service purchase decision. You can search the web, but a large amount of information on the internet regarding bed bugs can be intimidating and confusing. To know what information is right or not.

Clicking on any of the websites out there will lead you to various companies claiming to be the best. All you need to do is look for the BCE logo, and you will know they are Board Certified Entomologist in Kansas City. Therefore make sure you choose a certified bed bug free company. Check before you hire a professional pest management firm in Kansas City.

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