Fumigating Bed Bugs in a Semi-Truck

fumigating bed bugs to semi-trucks

Are you an over the road truck driver and experiencing bed bugs infesting your semi-cab? We can fumigate the bed bugs in your semi-truck cab. We can fumigate with little interruption to your schedule. Bring your truck to ZipZap, and we will fumigate it in as little as 4 hours. This process of fumigating your semi-truck for bed bugs is the best number one way to 100% eliminate all bed bugs from your semi-truck.

Reviews on fumigating for bed bugs in a semi-truck

Barry Bowman
Barry Bowman
Barry Bowman
I own a commercial semi-truck and somehow became infested with bed bugs. This company completely solved the problem with basically no interruption in my operation except for the time it took to use the vikane gas to eradicate the bugs [4hrs usually]. You will not have to do any prep on your truck or clear all your belongings out. Leave everything as is. Get back in your truck and resume operation.No damage to anything except the bugs. Thanks, Zip Zap
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What is fumigation for bed bugs?

Fumigation for bed bugs is the best number one way to eliminate all bed bugs, period. We use Vikane gas, which will kill eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs. There is no survival rate and no residues left after a bed bug fumigation is complete.

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We can fumigate your home for bed bugs. We can also fumigate your Semi-Truck for bed bugs if you are moving and don't want to take bed bugs to your new home, no problem. We can fumigate your moving truck for bed bugs.

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Bed bugs, Can Happen to Anyone, Anytime

Bed bugs can happen to anyone, anytime. For many, the only sign of bed bugs might be bite marks on their skin. The bites could be easily mistaken for a rash or mosquito bite. Other symptoms are dark red or brownish spots on bedding, referred to as inking. It looks like a black sharpie has made marks on your items. Bed bugs feed on blood, your blood. Bed bugs come out to feed on you when you are mostly still. Most likely, when you are driving your semi. You don't tend to move a lot when you are driving. This is a perfect time for bed bugs to feed on you. Also, when you are resting in your cab or sleeping. This is another time bed bugs come out to feed on you.

Signs of bed bug evidence

Bed Bug Evidence in Kansas City

Bed bugs will also feed on pets, including dogs, cats, and birds. Adult bed bugs are about 1/4 inch long, reddish to dark brown, and have flattened bodies. Bed bugs cannot fly but can run quickly. Eggs and newly hatched nymphs are pale and very tiny—the size of a pinhead. Newly hatched bed bugs can be challenging to see. Bed bugs commonly infest semi-trucks by "hitchhiking." You can bring them in personal belongings, including suitcases, backpacks, purses, clothing, and furnishings. The key to preventing bed bugs from affecting your life is to inspect for them when returning from trips. Obtaining professional help is recommended to control bed bugs in your semi-truck.