Residential Bed Bugs in Kansas City

Residential Bed Bugs control Bed Bugs In Kansas City

avoid bed bugs in Kansas City

You can bring bed bugs in Kansas City, into your home, loft, or apartment via many different ways. At work, doctors office, movie theaters, a cab, clothing stores, hotel stay, airline flights, and many other means. They are almost endless since bed bugs are the greatest hitchhikers there are.

It takes approximately 13 days for an average bed bug infestation to double. In the beginning, the only evidence that may be present is the occasional bite when you wake up in the morning. After several months have passed, this is when you start to see the inking on the mattress and the bed bug cast skins that are appearing. The inking and the skins indicate a heavy infestation. At this time, the outbreak has gotten worse, and professional help is needed.

Remember, just because you don’t sleep in the bed anymore does it mean the bed bugs will die off due to starvation. Bed bugs travel a long distance and will find you in another room or even the couch that you now use for sleeping. Once you move to another room or the sofa, so do the bed bugs. Now you have infested the rest of your home, making it even harder to control the situation. Where before we may have been able to treat the bedroom now, we have to treat everywhere. The more areas you have to treat for bed bugs, the more it will cost in the long run. Treating one room is different than treating an entire house. It takes more time, labor, and equipment to manage an entire home than a single room.

Bed Bug Control KC
Bed Bug Control KC

If you live in an apartment or loft, just moving out and into another place doesn’t get rid of the bed bugs. Most people think if they move, they leave their troubles behind. You only bring them to your new home. Bed bugs will be in your un-laundered clothing, bedding, and in your shoes—also books, dressers, bed frames, and boxes. Just one unnoticed bed bug egg will start the infestation all over again.

Most people think that bed bugs are only on the bed hence their name. Wrong! Bed bugs migrate away from the bed once they have fed. You will find bed bugs in nightstands, behind picture frames, in the headboard, bed frame, under the carpet, and in dressers. You will find them in books, shoes, clothing, closets, wooden hangers, and the many cracks and crevices around your bedroom and home. Bed bugs will be everywhere, and this is the reason most do-it-yourselfers fail. They fail to look beyond the bed and ignore all the other hiding places in the room or home.

Bed Bug Control KC