Bed Bugs in Hotels Kansas City

Bed Bugs in Hotels Bed Bugs in Hotels Kansas City and What the Hotel Can Do to Avoid or Correct the Problem

Bed Bugs in Hotels Kansas City

Bed Bugs in Hotels Kansas City will get bed bugs due to the steady stream of guests arriving day in and day out. A commercial lodging facility in Kansas City or another city is very vulnerable to having a bed bug problem. Every guest that enters the door of a hotel in Kansas City is a potential bed bug carrier through their luggage or clothing. A hotel in Kansas City with bed bugs can experience a public relations nightmare if bed bugs are biting a guest. With today’s litigious society, everyone is ready to sue you for any possible reason, and bed bugs in your Kansas City hotel can generate large sums of money to guests if they win a lawsuit. Managers need to handle a bed bug complaint in their hotel once a guest has received it. An angry guest that has been bitten by bed bugs in their Kansas City hotel can damage your reputation through social media and reviews on the internet. Below are some guidelines for lodging managers to help recognize and respond to bed bug problems in hotels.

What not to do when a guest complains about being bitten by bed bugs in their Kansas City hotel room.

  • Take the complaint seriously about bedbugs and don’t ignore the guest if they complain about being bit by bed bugs in Kansas City
  • Bed bugs in Kansas City will not go away so don’t just take the room out of service. Have the problem checked out and taken care of immediately
  • Do not treat the room for bed bugs yourself, have an experienced pest management professional take care of the bedbug problem
  • Do not allow guest back in a room until the bed bug problem has been eliminated and all evidence of bed bugs have been eliminated

What you should have in place before a bed bug problem arises in Kansas City hotels:

Bed Bug Control KC

Have a written bed bug plan developed with directions and responsibilities:

  • Responding to a guest complaint about bed bugs in Hotels Kansas City
  • Responding to a guest who wants to understand hotel practices about bed bug infestations
  • Knowledge of hotel housekeeping and maintenance for detecting bed bug evidence
  • Being able to satisfy guest affected by bed bugs
  • Eliminating all bed bug infestations and evidence
  • Returning a bed bug infected hotel room back to service

Have proper training for the front desk, maintenance and housekeeping on the following for bedbugs:

  • Identifying signs of bedbugs and what to look for
  • Biology and habits of bedbugs
  • What to do if evidence of bedbugs is found
  • How to respond correctly to a bedbug complain by a guest
  • How to avoid spreading bedbugs from one room to the next
  • How to satisfy guest once being affected by bedbugs in their room

How to respond to a bed bug incident at a hotel in Kansas City:

  • Treat all reports of bed bugs as with high priority and move guest to new room
  • Take the reported bed bug room out of service until ZipZap bed bug control can inspect and eliminate the problem
  • Make sure all room on each side and above and below are inspected for bedbugs at earliest possible time for signs of bed bugs
  • All rooms that have had a bed bug problem should be re-inspected and re-treated again to ensure elimination of bed bugs
  • Rooms should stay out of commission until a professional from ZipZap bed bug control can confirm no more bed bug infestation is present
  • Document all actions taken about bed bug control in each unit
Bed Bug Control KC

Prevent bed bugs and their spread in hotel rooms in Kansas City:

  • schedule regular inspections for bed bugs to all rooms by ZipZap bed bug control
  • Housekeeping should be keeping an eye open to evidence of bed bugs and report all findings of bed bugs to management
  • The use of bed bug proof mattress encasements will help with bed bug infestations
  • Daily laundering of bedding and bed spreads will reduce bed bug infestations
  • Keep clean and dirty laundry separate to help with spread of bed bugs
  • Eliminate hiding places for bed bugs like peeling wallpaper, sealing cracks and crevices and not having baseboard molding in the units
  • Keep rooms vacuumed and make sure not to overlook areas such as drapes, and the back side of pictures for bedbugs.