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Bat Bugs in Kansas City can be misidentified as the human bed bug. This Bat Bugs in Kansas City are associated with humans and can be found feeding on bats and poultry. Sometimes this is the bed bug we find when someone calls our office for answers on what is biting them in the night. The control method is a little different with Cimex adjunctus (bat bug). Getting rid of the bat problem associated with this bed bug can sometimes correct the problem. A follow-up with a liquid application for bed bugs and removing the bats generally takes care of this problem, but not all the time.

The difference between the human bed bug and the bat bugs in Kansas City that we have noticed here at ZipZap Bed Bug Control KC is the bat bug appears a bit more hairy or furry than that of the human bed bug. The hairs on the bat bug are twice as long as their eyes. The hairs on the human bed bug are smaller than their eyes. A microscope may be required to view the hairs on the bed bug you are viewing.

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No worries. ZipZap Bed Bug KC is here, and we are a Missouri exterminator bedbug heat company in Kansas City. Our experts will assist you in your bedbug needs. We will inspect for bed bugs and determine what bedbug action should be taken. Our board-certified entomologist, an exterminator in Kansas, and Missouri will prescribe a bed bug program tailored to your particular bed bug need.

That’s right. We are a bedbug company that performs heat treatments in Kansas City for bed bugs. Moreover, we are located right here in Kansas City. With this in mind. Other pest control companies in Kansas City are no match for the level of bed bug knowledge. Due to ZipZap having a Board Certified Entomologist on staff. Which is an expert in bed bugs

Who can you trust in Kansas City for your bed bug problems? When we get calls here at ZipZap Bed Bug KC, we do everything we can to get you the best bed bug information you need. Because we are a pest control company in Kansas City, we can respond quickly to your bed bug needs. Bed bugs are no match for our team of bed bug experts.

If you are a hotel and located within 200 miles of Kansas City and need a heat job for bed bugs, we will come out to heat bed bugs for you at no extra cost than we would heat bedbugs in our own neighborhood. Outside of 200 miles may incur an additional charge for bed bug heating in your hotel. Please call our office to see if we would be able to heat your hotel for bed bugs or do a bed bug steam or bedbug chemical treatment to your hotel.

Choosing a Missouri exterminator that treats bed bugs. In Hotels, Apartments, and Multiunit Housing. Uses heat to kill bedbugs in Kansas City

We have the equipment and what it takes to treat bed bugs in any commercial space; whether it’s a one-bed bug-infested hotel room or several rooms, we can take care of the bedbugs. If you have one hotel room infested with bed bugs or several rooms infested with bedbugs, we can get those rooms back up and checked out to guests without the threat of bedbugs affecting them at night.

Bed bug heat companies in Kansas City lofts, apartments, and multi-unit housing

We are leaders in the Downtown area at treating bed bugs. Midtown area, we are the top company that does most of the bed bug heat treatments. We treat most lofts downtown for bedbugs and handle most of the Apartments downtown for bed bugs as well. We can treat bed bugs on the 11th floor or the 1st floor. We can manage one unit for bed bugs or multi-units for bedbugs. No job is too big for bed bug heating, and no job is too small for bedbug heating.

Ask your neighbors about us. We are the best exterminators that treat bat bugs in Kansas City. We have been around treating for bed bugs since 1993 and are a third-generation pest management company that has a pest control company in Kansas City, and exterminates in Kansas and exterminates in Missouri.

Press release printed in KC Star regarding ZipZap Bed Bug KC

Infestations of bed bugs are on the rise in Kansas City; Heat Treatment is a proven method to kill bed bugs at all stages, including the eggs.

April 1, 2011(Kansas City, MO) – ZipZap Bed Bug KC today announced they had created a Bed Bug Heat Treatment Division. They were designed to assist Kansas City-area property owners affected by the rising incidence of bed bug infestations throughout the Metro.

ZipZap’s new division will employ a Board Certified Entomologist. The latest in heat treatment units that safely raise the temperature of a room to 125 degrees. Scientists say the temperature kills the small, blood-sucking insects and their eggs in less than one minute. The heat units are equipped with multiple wireless temperature sensors to assure target temperatures are achieved even in difficult to heat areas, such as inside mattresses.

New heat units for bed bugs

ZipZap’s new heat units are powerful enough to penetrate upholstered furniture, closets full of clothing, and boxes of household goods without damaging household electronics, wall coverings, or other personal items.

Heat treatment has been used for years in the industry but is the latest and most successful method to treat a bed bug infestation,” said ZipZap’s Board Certified Entomologist Jeffery Preece. “It’s an environmentally-friendly treatment option, plus, it gives property owners the advantage of not having to throw away expensive mattresses, sofas, or other items where bed bugs may be hiding. Bed bugs are real and here to stay, and as anyone who has tried to rid their property of these pests can attest, they are challenging to eradicate.”

Bed Bugs feed on Humans in Kansas City.

Bedbugs feed on the blood of humans but can suck blood from other animals as well. Bed bugs most often feed at night when people are asleep. When they feed, they inject a salivary secretion into the wound to prevent coagulation. The fluid can cause a person’s skin to itch and even become swollen. Scratching can cause sores that often become infected.

An adult bed bug is about 1/5-inch long, oval in shape, and flat. They’re generally brown except after a blood meal. Their body then becomes swollen, and the color changes to a dark red.

Bed bugs like to hide in the cracks and crevices of the electrical outlets in walls, behind wallpaper, baseboards, and picture frames, between beds and around the mattresses' creases, and in bedding materials. Bed bugs are often carried into houses by clothes, luggage, furniture, and bedding.

Bedbugs seek cracks and crevices.

Bedbugs in Kansas City seek harborage in cracks and crevices. Common harborages in hotel rooms and bedrooms include folds & creases in bed linens, seams, tufts & under buttons on mattresses, in drapery pleats & hems, beneath loose wallpaper, in headboards, desks, entertainment centers, and nightstands, behind base molding, or in wall-mounted artwork.

If you suspect bed bugs have invaded your home or place of business, contact the experts at ZipZap Bed Bug KC’s Bed Bug and Heat Treatment Division at (816) 452-5960 or online at or