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Bedbug KC, also known as ZipZap Bed Bug Control KC, has a Board Certified Entomologist in Kansas City to help with your bed bug needs in Kansas City. We can take care of bedbugs with fumigation Bedbug KC, heat, known as thermal remediation for Bedbug KC, Steam for bed bugs, or chemical methods for bedbugs in Kansas City.

Bedbug KC work, who performs it?

Here at ZipZap Bedbug KC, we are a third-generation pest management company that specializes in bugs. One of the owners is a Board Certified Entomologist in Urban Entomology. We are also a woman-owned company, and indeed a family-owned business as five-member of our family all work in the industry.

Have a bedbug problem in Kansas City and don’t know where to turn. We can help. Our expert certified technicians can assess the situation and prescribe a solution that best fits your pest need.

Bed Bug Control KC

Fumigation for bedbugs in Kansas City

Fumigation for bedbugs in Kansas City is the number one way to 100% eliminates all stages of bedbugs in your home, moving truck, or car. No mess, no residues, and no cleanup are required after fumigation for bedbugs in Kansas City is performed. Our expert technicians can provide you with the information you need to prepare for complete bedbug fumigation to your home properly.

Heating for bedbugs in Kansas City

Heating for bedbugs in Kansas City is another way to eliminate all stages of bedbugs in your home as well. With heating, though, there is a lot of prep work that you need to perform. Also, with heating, some damage could occur to mini-blinds and such. After the heat treatment is performed for bedbugs in your Kansas City home, some clean-up may be required. Since all items need to be heated for bedbugs above 125 degrees, they must also need to be spread out to be heated. The more stuff you have in your home, the more mess can be created.

Bed Bug Control KC

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