Bedbug Fumigation in Kansas City

Bedbug Fumigation in Kansas City What is Bedbug Fumigation in Kansas City

Bedbug fumigation in Kansas City is the most effective way to eliminate bedbugs from your Kansas City home. There is no mess. You don’t have to pick up or wipe anything down after the fumigation for bedbugs is complete. There are no residues left behind when you fumigate for bedbugs in Kansas City.  Most people are unaware that there are other options available for bedbug control in Kansas City. Although we do perform Thermal remediation for bedbugs here in Kansas City, and it is very successful. The fumigation options to eliminate bedbugs from your Kansas City home is just another tool we use to 100% eliminate all stages of bedbugs from your home in KC. Therefore fumigation for bedbugs in Kansas City is not for every home. Therefore this is why we continue to use thermal heat remediation for bedbugs in Kansas City.

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  • No need to clean-up or wipe down cabinets after bed bug treatment as no residue is left behind
  • With fumigation there are no hiding places as Vikane gets into every crack and crevice
  • Leave your vehicles in your garage for complete treatment at no extra cost
  • One and Done treatment means you don't have to worry if this treatment is going to work or not

Effective Fumigation

For the fumigation to be effective, we must be able to maintain a level of Vikane gas in your home, and some homes have too many cracks to not allow a proper seal for fumigating for bedbugs in your Kansas City home. Since we will not be tarping your home, you would traditionally see it in Florida when they fumigate for termites. ZipZap Bedbug Control KC will be using the tape as a sealing method. Therefore seal up your home before the fumigation for bedbugs in KC.

How do you know you have killed all the stages of bedbugs in the home when you perform Bedbug Fumigation in Kansas City

We use a monitor device that sits in your home and monitors Vikane gas when we do Bedbug fumigation in Kansas City. The device is connected to a hot spot sending readings to our cell phones, updating about every 4 minutes. We monitor four zones in your home,  so we know every cubic centimeter of your home is killing bedbugs using fumigation in Kansas City. We will put monitors throughout your home to verify the gas levels that are maintained in your home.

Once we perform the calculations and determine the level of gas needed for your home, we will input the C x T number into the system. C x T is the Concentration of gas (times) the length of time needed to kill all stages of bedbugs in Kansas City, eggs, nymphs, and adults. Each home is different. So the  C x T number will be calculated per house. Primarily at the time, the Vikane gas was being introduced. To ensure all the bed bugs are killed in your Kansas City home.

Bed Bug Control KC

How long will I need to be out of my house when you perform the Bedbug fumigation in my Kansas City home

Bed Bug Control KC

Once we perform all the tape and seal that needs to be done at your home, the fumigation's typical time is around 18 hours. Once the C x T is met, we would need to air out your home to clear it of all the Vikane gas. This aeration can take 8 to 9 hours. After we have cleared your home, you are free to return to your home that has just been fumigated for bedbugs in Kansas City. You will be arriving back to a bedbug-free environment: no more bedbug eggs, bedbug nymphs, or adult bedbugs in your Kansas City home. There will be no need to wipe down the counters as Vikane leaves no residues behind. Nothing to wipe away.

How do I know all the Vikane gas is out of my house after fumigating for bedbugs in my Kansas City home

Clearing your home, we use a monitor device-specific for Vikane gas to detect the smallest fumigation levels left after bedbug fumigation in Kansas City. Checking and monitoring your entire home. Checking everywhere you can sit, lie, stand, or put your head into will be performed. Making sure your home is safe before reentry. We will not give you back the keys to your home until our monitor device has indicated safe gas levels in the home. 1ppm or less. Once you return to your newly bedbug fumigated home in Kansas City. You can rest assured that 100% of all the bedbug eggs, nymphs, and adult bedbugs have been killed everywhere in your home. There is no better way to know you are 100% rid of bedbugs in your home.

Bed Bug Control KC
Bed Bug Control KC

Moving and have bed bugs

Moving from your apartment and having bedbugs? You don’t want to take the bedbugs to your new apartment? No worries! We have the solution for you. For a fraction of the cost to heat treat or even fumigate your whole apartment. We can fumigate all your stuff while it is in your moving truck. We will fumigate your contents and completely kill all the bedbugs in your items. When you arrive at your new home and unpack, you will not be unpacking live bedbugs, only dead ones.

Best way to rid your items of bed bugs

This is the best number one way to eliminate bedbugs from your homes economically. Also, all the contents before moving into your new place. A moving truck 15 feet or less is as little as $599.00. 100% elimination of all the life stages of bedbugs from your moving truck. Bring your moving truck to our location, and we will have it fumigated for you. It takes as little as 24 hours.

In some cases, we can speed the time to fumigate up if you are pressed for time. The cost would be a little higher. Inquire with us if this is an option you need.

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