Bed Bug Heat Liquid or Fumigation

Bed bugs can be a very irritating problem to have. Where do you turn? What can you do? Do the Over The Counter Products for Bed Bugs work?

Bed Bug Control KC

Bed bug treatment options

We have a Board Certified Entomologist on staff to help prescribe a treatment that is just right for your particular bed bug need in Kansas City. Bed bugs in Kansas City are hard to take care of on your own. You NEED a professional pest control company in Kansas City to help you eradicate those blood-sucking vampires out of your home or office. Over the counter products for bed bug control do not work correctly. Don’t be fooled by fancy labeling and pretty pictures. They are limited at most in helping solve your problem with bed bugs. Those over the counter products for bed bugs can even make it worse. Using a fogger set off in the home will not kill bedbugs regardless of what the label says. Fogging in university studies have shown they do not affect eliminating bedbug populations. Fogging for bed bugs is also no the same as Fumigation.

Fumigation is a gas (Vikane Gas) introduced into the home and maintained until a level of concentration is met. We monitor the gas continuously for at least an 18 hour time frame to verify we have received the level of concentration required to kill all stages of bedbugs eggs, nymphs, and adult bedbugs in Kansas City. Vikane gas fumigation is the best 100% solution to your bed bug problem in Kansas City.

Bed Bug Thermal Remediation

Heating your home or office above 125F to kill all stages of bedbugs

Fumigation of your Car, Moving Van, Home, or Business is a growing way to 100% Eliminate all stages of bedbugs.