Bedbugs in Kansas City. Why are they so BAD?

Bedbugs in Kansas City. why are bedbugs so bad?

Bedbugs in Kansas City

Bedbugs in Kansas City are still a big problem and are not going away anytime soon. Kansas City has moved from the top 50 cities with bedbugs to the top 41 cities based on an article in Pest Control Technology Magazine. Our pest control office in Kansas City has seen a large increase in the amount of calls coming in requesting help with bedbugs. When a customer finally decides to call our office for bedbug help they have exhausted every means of what the internet has to offer. They determine that the remedies people have offered online are not working and need professional help. On average a customer will spend between $99.00 to $1000.00 on do-it-yourself remedies.

There are lots of different approaches to controlling bedbugs in Kansas City that a consumer finds online. Most of those options don’t work. Some may work, but the one problem that most people find is that in two to four weeks their symptoms are back. Much to their dismay, they have bedbugs again.


1. They probably did not effectively kill all the eggs that were laid in the home.

2. They probably did not effectively reach every crack and crevice that the bedbugs were hiding in.

3. The product or procedure they used was not adequate. (wrong product for the job) or (did not heat or steam correctly).

4. They relied completely on what the internet had to say and not what a professional had to say. (The internet is a tool, it does have some bad science and bad suggestions associated with it).

5. Their spouse or significant other don’t believe they are experiencing a bedbug problem becauseTHEY are not getting bit. (just because you don’t show signs of being bit by bedbugs does not mean that bedbugs are not biting you). Not everyone reacts to bedbug bites at first.

So, When do you call a Professional in to treat for bedbugs in Kansas City?

1. It should be the first thing you do once you discover you have bedbugs.

2. When you discover that the internet is not helping your cause with bedbugs.

3. When you can’t take it any longer and you have spent way too much money on remedies that don’t work.

What can a professional do for me when I discover I have bedbugs in Kansas City?

1. They can quickly asses the bedbug problem and come up with a comprehensive plan to fix the bedbug problem.

2. They can quickly determine what is the best plan of attack that will fit your budget.

3. They can get the job done once and for all.

What options are there for Bedbug control in Kansas City?

1. The best and most effective control is Heat or Fumigation.

Bedbugs in Kansas CityA. Heat for bedbugs in Kansas City

a. Heating for bedbugs  is a process of bringing in industrial heaters specific for bedbug control in your home or office.

b. We raise the temperature of the unit to above 125 degrees and maintain that temp. for several hours.

c. We turn, move and unpack items in your home or office and rotate heat around them for several hours.

d. Generally heat treatments come with some type of guarantee

e. Heating generally takes only 6 to 9 hours.

Fumigating Bedbugs KCB. Fumigate for bedbugs in Kansas City

a. Fumigating for bedbugs in Kansas City is a process of introducing a gas into a structure and maintaining the gas levels for several hours.

b. Fumigation will take more than one day to complete.

c. Fumigating for bedbugs will generally also come with some type of guarantee


A. Steam for bedbugs in Kansas City

a. Steam for bedbug control can be effective if done properly. Only the items being steamed can become free from bedbugs.

b. Steam is a very slow and tedious process and takes special techniques with specialized steaming equipment

Bedbugs in Kansas CityB. Liquid/Dust treatment for bedbugs in Kansas City

a. Liquid treatments can be effective for the control of bedbugs if the infestation is just getting started.

b. Dust treatments are effective in conjunction with liquid treatments. Dust alone may not completely do the job.

c. Alot more work will be put on the consumer for cleanup, laundering and housekeeping to make this approach effective.

d. In some cases liquid/dust treatments may not be effective.

As you have read having bedbugs is no pleasant matter. They are hard to get rid of and require some cooperation on your part. Bedbug treatments should not be left solely on the shoulder of the pest management professional. Cooperation between the two will greatly increase the level of control in your home or office.

The picture above shows a bedbug egg, some nymphs and adult bedbugs as well as inking spots from metabolized blood. The inking spots can be seen on mattresses and sheets. So look for these signs on your mattress or sheets.

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