Steps to avoid bed bugs

avoid bed bugs in Kansas City

Avoid bed bugs

So how do you avoid bed bugs? To prevent bed bugs, you first need to understand that bed bugs are the greatest hitchhikers in the world. Yes, this is a global problem. People worldwide are experiencing bed bugs and not having good luck getting rid of them on their own. So the first step in the battle against bed bugs is to avoid them.

Rideshare. Now I’m not telling you to avoid using rideshare, to avoid bed bugs, but let’s face it, rideshare sees many people with suitcases, purses, and personal belongings. Someone getting in a ride share is not telling the driver they have bed bugs.

Laundromat. Moreover, Many people will take their bedding straight to the laundromat to clean them and think it will solve the problem in their home and bed. Bed comforters are bulky and hard to wash at home. As someone stuffs their oversized comforter into the washing machine, bed bugs fall off, looking for a new hiding place, which could be your clean clothes in a basket ready to go home with you. I’m not saying to avoid bed bugs is not to go to the laundromat; just be aware.

Who thought bed bugs were everywhere

Department Store. You shop for new clothes and find the right ones until you try them at home. Most people try their clothes on in their bedrooms. Put one shirt on and take the other one off. When you take your clothes off, you usually throw them on the bed or floor. When other people try on clothes, they return them to the store. Their clothes were also thrown on the bed; maybe their bed had bed bugs. Now they are back in the store waiting for you to take them home. I’m not saying to avoid bed bugs is not to shop for clothes, but just be aware.

Traveling. Traveling around the world or domestically can introduce you to bed bugs. All personal items are carried in planes and trains worldwide with bed bugs attached. While you pack and unpack, this is a great time to inspect the things you are taking to avoid bed bugs traveling with you.

Hotels. This is where you should check for bed bugs every time you are in the room you stay in. Not saying all hotels have bed bugs, but this is a crucial place when you travel. Look behind the headboard, boxspring, and sheets. Also, check the furniture and desk area.

Medical Offices. Yes, even in a medical facility, you can get bed bugs. It’s not the facility’s fault for having them, as people come and go by the hundreds daily. People are coming to these facilities to seek treatment, and some are carrying bed bugs on their person.


Bed bugs are a part of our life and are here to stay. By being aware of your surroundings, being vigilant when you discover bed bugs, and reviewing the places above, that we mentioned, you can avoid bed bugs in the future. If you find out, you have bed bugs and cannot get rid of them alone. You can call our office at 816-407-7378. Or, you can go to to find a professional.

Jeffery Preece

Jeffery Preece is a Board Certified Entomologist with over 30 years experience in the pest control industry