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Are Bed Bug Eggs Visible in Kansas City

Are Bed Bug Eggs Visible in Kansas City

Bedbug evidence in Kansas City

People ask the questions, ”  Are Bed Bug Eggs Visible in Kansas City  “? The answer is in the picture below. This is a picture of the back of a headboard to a bed. It clearly shows bedbugs and their eggs. There is a myth out there that you cannot see bedbugs and their eggs. That is incorrect as depicted in this picture.

Kansas City and it’s surrounding cities have been dealing with an epidemic of bedbugs for the last ten years. The slow down is not coming anytime soon. We have now become a society that will have to live with bedbugs for the time being. The problem with controlling these blood sucking night time creatures all boils down to communication. We as a society do not talk about this unwanted pest. The dreaded BEDBUG. Talk with your neighbors, landlords and friends when you discover you have bedbugs. Chances are they have dealt with them and can give you some good advice.

If you are ever visited by these night time vampires, and eventually you will be visited. Where do you turn? Most will turn to the internet. This will be your first mistake. I cannot tell you how many times people go to the internet to get the answers to their bedbug problem in Kansas City. As a Board Certified Entomologist, I am an expert in bugs. I take calls every day from average people of all walks of life that are dealing with the problem of Bedbugs in Kansas City. They ask the question, ” Are Bed Bug Eggs Visible in Kansas City “? my answer is, well yes they are.

Bed Bug Eggs in Kansas City

Here is another picture of the back of a headboard and you can clearly see evidence of bed bugs and their eggs.Are Bed Bug Eggs Visible in Kansas City You don’t have to look very hard to see the bed bug eggs. Bed bug eggs in Kansas City are the number one reason you will have a hard time killing all the bed bugs in your Kansas City home. The reason? We do not have good chemistry to combat this dreaded vampire. I know the internet says to get DE, Diatomaceous Earth. Don’t do it. I have been in homes where over 50 pounds of DE was used with little to  no relief from bedbugs in Kansas City. It will only make a mess.

Call a professional. That is my advise. I know you think of these bugs as easy to get rid of. They are not. Fumigation for bedbugs in Kansas City is the best number one way to 100% eliminate your bedbugs from your home.

In closing just know now, Are Bed Bug Eggs Visible in Kansas City. The answer is YES.

Jeffery Preece

Jeffery Preece is a Board Certified Entomologist with over 30 years experience in the pest control industry